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Hello and Good morning :D Well , today nk ckp psal Hana Tajima .Okay , sumpah aku suka kat dia :O pantang nmpk orng yg pkai tudung or gaya mcm Hana Tajima ni :DD sungguh terpesona sye melihat dia ^^ she's cool(!) Korunk tau dia siape ? she's a DESINGNER bebeh :D Hana Tajima ni merupakan Person behind Maysaa .x tau ap tu ? haaa , ad internet kan korunk carik lah psal HANA TAJIMA ni , hihih
kan kan ble nth ad keluar dlm tv yg Yuna and siape nth buat fashion show kan ,haa , tu sume style Hana tajima kot . tudung die and gaye die . Nme sebenar die act Hana Tajima simpsom , setahu aku lah KOT sebelum ni die bukan islam thenn dia masuk islam , die lah yg reka tudung2 mcm gaye die tu *ewahhhh information tunggang terbalik xD Sye ckp je ap yg sye tau psal Hana Tajima ni :/ klau information sye salahh I'M SORRY .nk information yg sebetul betulnya carik kat blog dia or mne2 website . Haaa , sye nk share serba sikit psal Hana Tajima Simpson ni ,

Okayy , ehemmmm testing2 1 2 3 start (!) xD :-

The thing about having about 10% of my usual wardrobe means I’m rediscovering my own designs (self promotion? no no, this is purely out of necessity you understand). I saw this on my good friend recently, and she looked freakin’ amazing. So naturally I decided it was high time I aim for that level of fabulosity. I decided to go boho. You have two options to make this day wear, go grunge or go boho, so I went the floral and vintage route. I just love the way the layers of fabric fall about your feet as you walk. This is why I named it the Maysaa Swish Side Panel Maxi Skirt (not because I just like ridiculously long names for things). The fabric is lovely, and it’s lightly lined, and a snip at just £29… ok that was pure advertisement. Looks amazing on people with actual hips too (I almost considered padding out my non-hips just to get the look.)

In my Maysaa maxi skirt once again, I really do love that thing. I felt a bit conflicted in this outfit, like I picked out a bit of every style and threw it together. I quite like the effect though, once again playing to my erratic styling behavior. And I even managed the slightest amount of colour, a big step for me.

p/s - Ini copypaste dr Hana Tajima blog :)

well , klau nk tau bnyk psal Hana Tajima carik lah dkt website mne2 yeah . Mehehehe :P sebelum tu maei kita VIEW gmbr2 dia dulu .

she's beautiful i know :D

Okayyy , tngok lah gmbr2 dia yg Fuhhhhh tu xD HAHAHHA sekian terima kasih :D byebye.